Cost for Services

Closing agents in Florida, both attorneys and title companies alike, are required by law to charge an insurance premium for title insurance, the charge for a title search, and a closing charge. Title insurance premiums are set by the Florida Statutes. All closing agents are required to charge the promulgated or published premium for title insurance as set forth in the statute. Furthermore, all closing agents are required to pass through the actual cost of the title search. Finally, all closing agents are required to charge a “Closing Charge” or “Settlement Fee.”  There are no hidden charges and in most instances, there is no attorney fee charged by Mr. Greenberg or Ms. Coldiron to the person paying for the title insurance, title search fee, and the Settlement Fee. Accordingly, Mr. Greenberg or Ms. Coldiron charge the same price to handle a real estate transaction as a title company–and many times less than a title company. When Mr. Greenberg or Ms. Coldiron represent Buyers or Sellers in a closing, they are benefitting from their thirty plus years of experience and Mr. Greenberg’s training as a Board Certified real estate attorney….at no additional charge. Mr. Greenberg and Ms. Coldiron represent a large number of Buyers or Sellers when the opposing party is paying for the title insurance, title search and closing fee. In these closings, a flat fee that includes full representation throughout the transaction is charged. Please contact Linda Witt Aloan, Mr. Greenberg and Ms. Coldiron’s Director of Marketing, for an exact title insurance or flat fee representation quote.  Linda can be reached at (941) 586-4412 or by email at