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Escrow Agreements

Oftentimes, an escrow agreement will be necessary for the purpose of payment for repairs to be completed post-closing. If the escrow agreement does not contain the essential elements, the Buyer or Seller may end up with unexpected liabilities. The Florida Association of Realtors (“FAR”) Contract provides in pertinent part that, “If Seller is unable to… Continue Reading

Escrow Disputes

This article will address issues that arise in connection with escrow disputes pertaining to the Buyer’s earnest money deposit (the “Deposit”) paid pursuant to a Contract for the Sale of Real Estate (the “Contract”). Escrow disputes arise when the Buyer and Seller cannot agree to the disposition of the Deposit paid by the Buyer under… Continue Reading

Why do You Need a Survey?

Surveys are involved in almost every real estate transaction, except for transactions involving the sale of a condominium. The Contract for sale of real estate will give the Buyer a limited period of time to both obtain the survey and to put the Seller on written notice of any survey defects. A survey map depicts… Continue Reading

Proper Use of a Power of Attorney

A power of attorney grants authority to another person, as agent, to do all acts on behalf of the principal as described in the power of attorney. A power of attorney should only be used for a real estate transaction when it is extremely difficult or impossible to obtain the execution of the documents by… Continue Reading

The Lease Option and Lease Purchase Alternatives

  Many homeowners who are extremely motivated to sell their homes often overlook the lease option or lease purchase alternatives to home sales. While certainly not a perfect solution, these alternatives may be quite useful in avoiding a short sale or foreclosure. A lease option agreement is a contract with a deposit of option money… Continue Reading